Youth Today

Where is youth heading today?

The older people blind themselves to the obvious degeneration of our nation, and the younger people hide the gruesome scene behind a mask of forced hedonism. The growth of liberal decadence amongst our younger generations continues unhampered.

NBU can present youth with an aim, an idea and a task. For the first time in the Fascist movement youth can feel it is really wanted, for the first time the brains as well as the strength and hands of youth are asked for.

Fascism in its national aim is the one spirit that can revive youth from the listlessness we see daily in the streets of any town. Science and technology have decreased the hours of work for some, education has changed our outlook, the strict morals of a past age have been swept away, the old customs and occupations have lost their interest. What has taken their place?

Modern liberal decadence is indeed the fault of Democratic Government which cannot, will not, and does not try to provide work. Only after toil can pleasure be enjoyed, is a statement which any man will confirm. Does this not explain the bored faces and very often dullness of those who have never worked, who cannot obtain work, and who in time becomes hopeless and turn to anything to fill in the slowly passing hours.

Fascism can provide the work, in the future by the organisation of Fascism in industry, in professions and in public works, and in the present by providing the idea, the idea of national pride, and by providing a task, the task of showing the need of Fascism to this country and by the fight for power.

Under Fascism, with a national pride replacing a weak and feeble liberal internationalism, with an objective of building a civilisation greater and better than any other, there is the objective and aim that will straighten out the back of any man.

NBU Youth