NBU Foreign Policy

NBU Foreign Policy


Foreign Policy is another issue that has become grossly misunderstood and perverted in the modern, social-democratic world. So, let’s be clear about what the NBU foreign policy is. NBU foreign policy is, quite simply; the advancement and protection of national interests in the world at large. It is all about national interest and has nothing to do with any party, policy or faction as so many today seem to think. Many people in the western world today have decried the recent military conflicts in the Middle East, mostly for the simplistic reason that they oppose the party in power at the time each event happened or, because they are fundamentally against any military action being taken. The down side is that they fail to comprehend that our economies depend on these regions for oil a loss of which would directly jeopardise the standards of living we currently enjoy. Anything which would disrupt the flow of oil out of the Middle East would involve the vital national interests of many, many nations and no matter who or what party is in power, something so vital would have to be dealt with. The reality is, many people today seem to quickly take sides on foreign policy issues, totally oblivious to the fact that their own national interests are very much at risk.

When it comes to foreign policy there are different categories for the different ways of relating to other countries; social, economic and military, and for the most part these are interrelated at various levels. On the purely social side of things it is only here that ideology can, possibly but not necessarily, come into play. This concerns only the establishment and maintenance of friendly diplomatic relations with other countries. Ideology can come into play in this regard only in that it would be both dishonest and hypocritical to maintain full, friendly diplomatic relations with a country based on an ideology diametrically opposed to your own and whose values are the exact opposite of the values upon which your state is based.


On the economic front, foreign policy can be extremely important, even vital depending on the country in question. As discussed in NBU Economics Policy, in order to ensure that your nation never becomes a debtor nation and thus economically subjugated by another, economic independence is a necessity. The economic autarchy can only be maintained if all of the resource needs of a country are met. That means having sufficient agricultural resources, mineral resources and industrial capacity to support the native population. However, for many countries, particularly the smaller nations, this is not always possible and so there must be trade between nations in order to obtain from someone else what the nation in question lacks. These ties must be firm and interests protected. Obviously, it cannot be totally secure, it would always be preferable to fully control such resources yourself. However, commerce can be extremely necessary for nations which require or desire items they cannot produce themselves. That means foreign policy must be directed at maintaining cordial trade partnerships with the other countries around the world which possess what your country lacks.


The military side of things is really that which is most associated with foreign policy. The problem is that people today ignore or deny the connection between foreign policy and national defences. As with all things, foreign policy, defence policy and economics must all be united in the common cause of national greatness. The military must be employed to enforce foreign policy and in making possible and safeguarding the aspects already mentioned. This means that it may be necessary to undertake military operations to expand the national territory in order to secure vital resources and safeguard economic and political independence. This does not necessarily mean conquest. What should be remembered is that we must fight for Britain only and her needs alone; the war on want is what we want. We do not  


want to get caught up in any pointless foreign conflict shedding the lives and blood of British people unless our own country is at real risk.

Conflict can often be avoided by the maintenance of a strong and formidable military force capable of dealing with any serious situation. Although we wish to maintain a strong a vibrant military force we do not expect to be using this force unless Britain’s interests are threatened, but as we set out to set a new standard in the world for political-social-economic excellence we are sure to attract a great deal of hostility from those around the world who would wish to stop us from doing so.


A NBU Government although wanting to mind Britain’s Business do not want to be paying others to fight our battles for us, when Britain’s interests and in danger it is our military that will defend them not another’s because to allow anything else is a sure sign of a decaying civilisation in decline. The NBU stands on the basis that we will defend any British life, territory or protectorate across what ever boarders or seas they may lay, if one’s own Government can not protect ones citizens then that Government does not deserve the right to rule.


Naturally, when determining the viability of military actions one must take into account the strength of the opposition. Recklessly plunging into war when your enemies have every advantage against you (unless of course you are directly attacked) is obviously insane and immoral. War is a horror of course but it also brings out the best in peoples and we found out during the Second World War. Handled properly, war can greatly strengthen a nation, put priorities in order and secure its boarders. Although the NBU agree with Oswald Mosley when we say “Mind Britain’s Business” it is however very important that the modern public realise that sometimes war in necessary and therefore must have a respect for the destructive power of war.


As with all things, the national interest must be served. If it is served by diplomacy, be diplomatic; if it is served by war, then put on your boots and go to war. Foreign policy should never be used to nation build, if you want to do that sort of thing, just take over the country for yourself, otherwise, history shows you will get nowhere. Foreign policy should never be used to buy off enemies. Keep it simple and straightforward so everyone will know who you are and what you are about. Don’t pretend to be friends with countries you despise and which despise you. Stand up for your allies, block your enemies and engage in those operations which serve your national interests to keep your country strong, secure and politically, militarily and economically independent of all outside interference.