NBU Youth Corps

National Youth Corps


The New British Union believe that it is worth remembering that not all our young people are involved in criminality or even just ant-social behaviour far from it, many are active members of the various cadet organisations that flourish in Britain at the moment and these offer stability and a place for the young to go to learn, experience and also to have fun while doing new and challenging things. It has become apparent to the New British Union that for far to long under the current system of things many young people who are not academic, typically ignored by the education system, often excel at the practical lessons and activities, showing other skills that they can't show while sitting in a class room. This is why the New British Union’s National Youth Corps can offer young people like this, the structured discipline and strong leadership offered by instructors, who become the role models that they often lack in their everyday lives.

In many parts of our nation it is a regrettable fact that the ever driving goal of liberalism within our education system has left many of our young people with the warped idea of rights and morality. It is also regrettable that many of our children have little, if any, knowledge of the true history of our Nation, its people and the sacrifices made in their name. The New British Union will implement changes that will see the return of discipline to the classroom and also to the lives young people as a whole with the introduction of the National Youth Corps. We must remember that young people cannot be fed solely by academic lessons, theories, and abstract teachings. It is our duty to equip our youth with the tools of life, so that they are able to support and be productive as an adult within society. We want our young people to be obedient and respectful, so they must practice obedience and show respect. If we truly want our youth to be lovers of peace and not war, then we must instill a discipline into our children that allows them as adults the strength of mind to resist the temptations of war. This is why the National Youth Corps will be ideal in molding our youth in to strong brave and courage’s members of society. Our nation’s youth is our future.

Until we have achieved government the National Youth Corps - NYC, will be run as a youth wing to the New British Union incorporating all the camps and activities listed below. However when we attain office, the NYC would become an official government backed organisation for both girls and boys from ages 14-18. The NYC will work on the same lines as the National Forces Cadet Service does today. All members will be required to wear uniform to all NYC meetings. At the beginning of the summer there will be a national NYC Camp where all the different NYC districts come together and take part in games and other activities. It is the aim of the New British Union to appoint in each region of Britain a full time NYC Officer who will be attached to all Academies/High Schools in their particular region. The NYC Officer would then be responsible for the promotion of the NYC to youngsters. The NYC officer would then be able to organise day events with the various services through the use of open days, etc. They would also undertake all the necessary administration.

Under the New British Union proposals, all those that complete their four years training (14-18 years old) within the NYC would be exempt from National Service as an adult and would automatically qualify for further free higher education. Those that have not done so, or failed to complete NYC service will face compulsory Two (2) years National Service on reaching Eighteen (18) and on completion would qualify for a free University or vocational education. The prime intent of this progressive programme is to offer our children/youth an identity, one empowered with discipline and an appreciation of team work. It will lift an entire generation from the infectious grasp liberal Socialist left and give them a chance at becoming useful members of the society in which they live.