A Call To Youth

New British Union Youth


The present trend of events calls for the reconstruction of the youth of this country. Everyday we have fresh examples of the gradual sapping of Britain’s greatest force for good or evil, her youth. Liberalism is responsible for the breaking down of the ideas of the young people of today, and we, who realise this, are trying to bring into being a new youth movement, a movement comprised of young enthusiasts whose war-cry should be, For God, Queen and Country. These words have been the inspiration of many great figures in history. If our forefathers made sacrifices for such ideas, surely we can follow in their footsteps.


It is imperative that we in this country should form a strong movement, one of discipline, loyalty and honour. It is through the youth of today that we shall form the nucleus of what we hope will one day be a crusade of young men and women prepared to face all risks that Britain may live.


Our starting place is to be the collages and Universities, the debating societies and clubs where we can start to spread the truth of the fascist message to fellow students.

Our first step to this is the building of trusted contacts, if you are interested in helping in the planning of this new youth movement please contact me.