NBU Law & Justice Policy

NBU Law & Justice Policy


The main aim of the New British Union of Fascists is to bring order, security and safety back to the streets of our country and importantly, in to the homes of our people. To do this we feel that it is necessary to have a strong law and order policy in place, one that will allow a government of action the real opportunity to do what so many other’s have failed to do, which is; to put straight our failing and over cautious politically incorrect system of law and order. In essence, we need establish the New British Union as the party of real law and order.


Our policing policy should therefore go hand in hand with this and reflect that in its actions. A fascist state under the control of the New British Union will need close ties to the various Police Services and would support them one hundred percent in the carrying out of their patriotic and tireless service to the state. As the party of action the New British Union and the new fascist government would interact with the Police commissioners and the Police federation to clearly establish what is needed in order for the various Police Services to carry out policing to a standard that the country expects and demands. Let us make it very clear that the New British Union understands that it is not the place of politicians to tell the Police how to do their job but it is our duty to facilitate whilst allowing the forces of law and order the freedom to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.


The New British Union understands that the Police in this country have an ever expanding job to do in order to keep the peace on our streets and that in the past, this task has been difficult for them to do because of the over interference from the State and State funded institutions. So in order to free up the Police to do the task that they have been given, the New British Union proposes that the unnecessary bureaucracy related to 'Human Rights Act' will be rolled back completely. A withdrawal from the human rights act would be initiated immediately, with issues associated with political correctness being removed not just from within the Police Service but from within society as a whole.


It is no secret that we as a Nation have become far too soft on crime and the criminals themselves, this in part is because we are hamstrung by the Human Rights Act, which has shamefully allowed criminals and terrorists to take advantage of our nation and its people for far too long. New British Union is intent on removing any shield behind which criminals and terrorists legally hide. A viable future for our people has to be a sustainable future for our people, thus you cannot build for a future whilst being hand tied by decisions that were made generations ago.


We live in a modern fast paced world were things have moved on since much of our existing law and order policies were originally laid out. For instance in a survey done in 2008 by the Office for National Statistics titled British Crime Survey of 2008, it stated that twenty two percent of people in Britain will be the victim of some crime during the course of a single year. As the result of soft and in some cases down right politically correct complicity to the Human Rights Act, Britain suffers from more than twenty seven thousand crimes per day and counting. That is or more than ten million crimes per year.


It is clear from such statistical information that the social engineering policy put into place by the liberal elite has failed and instead of the State helping those that needed and deserved help, the State has both directly and indirectly given rights to the gangs, yobs, criminals and terrorists to run rampant over our Police and justice forces. This is something we intend to challenge and reverse.



So it is the policy of the New British Union to act and act we will. In order to combat this shocking and embarrassing state of affairs our policy will seek to return to traditional standards of law enforcement combined with social reform directed at addressing the root causes of the criminal behaviour exhibited by both young and old. With this in mind and with the motto of "action..!" as our vanguard the New British Union of Fascists proposes to reintroduce effective and substantial deterrents to crime and criminal behaviour. The death penalty will be reintroduced for matters of treason and murder. A hard-labour scheme will be restored to our prison service, which will see all inmates contributing something in lieu of their crime.


In real terms prisons have become places where inmates are more concerned with overcrowding than the punishment of their crime. Prisons are no longer seen as a deterrent buy the criminal class, more of an inconvenience. Our intent is to ensure that Prisons are seen as a facility at which punishment for crime is key. Judges will be instructed to clearly define life sentencing, thus moving away from inappropriate sentencing based on the crime committed. Community service sentencing will be reviewed with a view of establishing a system through which the victims of the crimes will receive compensation directly paid by the offender or the offenders family.


We shall stringently pursue sentencing for crimes committed against children and young adults. In the case of child murder for sexual gratification this may include death sentencing, subject to psychiatric recommendations.


We shall also embark on, through the NBU programme of public works, a comprehensive prison building scheme designed at creating suitable facilities of incarceration. Modern prisons shall be well equipped to be both humane to those inmates within, whilst providing society with a vehicle through which penal punishment shall be imparted not just threatened.