There is alot of desinformation about the question of Fascism, and the reason is that most people who talk about the issue don't know anything about it. The term is frequently used to define the nationalist and anti-communist european movements, especially those from the first half of the twentieth century.

In fact, the term "fascism" doesn't seem to have an unique explanation, since people use it for whatever they want, be it to catalog nationalist movements or for any aspect of politics which they are against, in a depreciative way.

National Socialism is almost always linked to the fascist movement of the 20s and also considered by many as a "fascist ideology". It is often said that National Socialism is a branch of Mussolini movement, or that somehow it is was influenced by him, or even that it is Fascism with racial principles applied. All these false claims are the result of defamation and speculation.

National Socialism has its origin in Fascism? NO.

Both the Fascist Party (PNF) and the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) were created in the year 1919. Thus, the two movements have emerged around the same time and there is little, if any, contact between them. The reason that there are certain similarities is simply because they were born in an historical context which was fertile for nationalist and anti-communist groups.

While National Socialism arose from the formation of aworld view, Fascism emerged as an anti-ideological movement, based only on the post-marxist unionism. It appeared as a system of circumstance, a reaction to the advance communism and anarchism in Italy.

Fascism did not have a concrete doctrine as National Socialism, just a counter-revolutionary plan against the red movements. political demands such as: the female vote, reorganization of the transport sector, reducing theminimum agefor retirement, abolition of the Senate, etc. ... Measures almost nothing revolutionary when compared to the NationalSocialist movement.

In 1920, Gottfried Feder and Adolf Hitler had already formulated NSDAP 25 points and, in 1925, the book Mein Kampf was published in Germany, while Mussolini had nothing besides a simple nationalist and anti-communist discourse. The achievements of the Fascist Party were merely political andadministrative, lacking a doctrine or a complete vision of the world as National Socialism.

Then, in 1932, the word "fascism" appears in the Italian Encyclopedia, in a space of 37 pages filled with photos and illustrations. This was the only attempt of Mussolini, ten years after therise to power, to include a doctrinal and philosophical aspect in its movement. Although the text is signed by Duce, it is known that it was written almost entirely by Giovanni Gentile. This same text was then published in book form in 1935, ten years after the release of Mein Kampf.

The fascist philosophy never had any racial character prior to the contact with National Socialism. In fact, the first anti-Zionist fascist currents did not appear until 1938, five years after Hitler came to power and sixteen after Mussolini. The most surprising is that there was a reasonable amount of Jews in the fascist movement, often occupying important positions and even after 1938, very few of these Jews lost their positions in the "Italian" state.
This Fascist state declared that foreign jews with more than 65 years old and that before 1938 had married italians were now considered italians

“All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”
Benito Mussolini

For Fascism the State is everything. The state formulates and implements the life of Man. Individual extremes are suppressed, while the purpose is ALWAYS the state. The state does not exist for Man, but the Man for the state. The state produces, the state creates the nation and the people.

Fascism never believed in a natural and organic community, it did not have the idea of blood, or even people (folk), it was just a model of political state in an area demarcated by geographic maps.

In this regard, Fascism does not differ much from the current "democracies" that are merely political states without conservation of the race and culture and with no moral or value. As European governments now accept non-European immigrants, the Fascist State also accepted and even regarded them as nationals.