NBU Foreign Terrorism Policy

The New British Union of Fascists supports a zero-tolerance policy in regard to foreign terrorism, and in particular the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”, known variously as ISIS, ISIL, and DAESH. The ineptitude of present and past governments to deal with terrorist activity on British soil is of vital concern to the lives of British citizens, and the security of our nation. As of 2014, an estimated 1,000 British based Muslims had either gone to join the fight in Syria and Iraq, or were actively involved in assisting the Islamic State in their terrorist activities. However, ISIS affects not only the Middle East, far from our shores, but also the very foundations of our national institutions. The spread of radical Islam within Britain and its impact on neighbourhoods and schools, is a sure premonition of the ruination to come if we do not act now. The NBU recognises the essential need for action and proposes the stripping of citizenship and deportation of all known supporters of foreign terrorist organisations. It is an irrefutable fact that radical Islam is here, in our country, and is rapidly recruiting to its cause. The people of our nation, the Britons whose forebears fought and bled that we might be here today, should be worried – and indeed, they are. The myths of integration, diversity, and progression have died in their infancy, leaving in their wake the bitter decrepitude of a nation torn. All trust in the parliamentary promises of our unprincipled politicians has been shattered beyond repair, and the citizens of this nation cry out for an answer to the pandemonium that is Britain today. The New British Union of Fascists proposes to remove the shield of “Human Rights” behind which terrorists in this nation so cowardly hide, and compel them to answer for their crimes. In order to enable this the NBU will, on leaving the European Union, suspend for an indefinite period of time the Human Rights Act, which will be reviewed, and improved upon in light of the aforementioned issues. Known terrorists will be dealt with severely, to the extent that the punishment fits the crime. The fascist state must rule with a rod of iron; Islamic terrorism will be smashed as if a clay vessel upon the table of Britannic glory. No more, the people proclaim, shall we stand idle while the foreign ideologies of the Islamic State are spread throughout our land, taught in our schools, implemented in our banks, and manifested through violence on our streets. Now is the time for a national uprising - the British people will claim their kingdom back.