NBU Constitution

Constitution – New British Union Chapter 1

(a) The name of this organisation is “New British Union”.

(b) The Party’s policy shall be determined by the principles and guidelines laid down by the Directorship team and properly constituted Annual General Meeting (the “Conference”).

(c) Policy decisions taken at the Conference shall be binding unless revoked or amended by subsequent Conferences.


The party hierarchy will be structured as follows:

(a) Members

(b) Division Officers

(c) District Officers

(d) National Officers

(e) Directorship team

(f) Director

2.1 Details of Structure

(a) Membership shall be open to all those over the age of 16 and resident in The United Kingdom of Great Britain irrespective of sex, class or creed.

(b) All members are subject to the Code of Conduct (Annex A).

(c) The safe keeping of Party membership lists will be the responsibility of all Officers. The Director and National Officers are empowered to refuse any individual membership application deemed not to be in the interests of the party.

(d) Members should reflect and promote the true values of Oswald Mosley and the British Union with truth, justice and integrity in all their endeavours.

2.2 Local Structures

(a) A “Division” is an organisation of members within a local area of more than five members and where there exists a suitable candidate to fulfil the role of local “Divisional Officer”.

(b) All Divisions of the Party shall be run by “Officers” appointed by National/District Officers.

(c) National and District Officers are appointed/removed by the Director

2.3 National Structures

(a) The “Directorship team” is tasked with the direction of the Party and running all its affairs. Its members shall consist of:

- Director*

- Secretary

- National Officers reprehensive

- Treasurer *

- Nominations Officer

* As registered officially with the Electoral Commission.

(b) All appointed National/District Officers can appoint new Division officials at any time with the approval of the Director.

(c) Appointed Officers may appoint or remove Division officers as they see fit for the benefit of the Party, subject to the approval of the Director


2.4 Party Officials

All Party officials and staff must be Party members. The Director must ratify all such appointments.

2.5 The National Directorship team

The National Directorship Team (NDT) will consist of Director, Secretary, National Officers representative. treasurer and nominations officer.

The Director’s position on the NDT is in perpetuity and not subject to procedure.

The National Directorship Team’s task will be to act as a forum to address complaints, grievances, to suggest ideas and to generally express the will of the organisation to the Director.

2.6 Director

The Leader of the Party (Director) is entrusted with guiding the political direction of the movement in its day-to-day interactions with the public, media etc all with the aim of increasing support.


Changes to this Constitution may only be made by the National Directorship team.



All Party officials must bring breaches of the Code of Conduct to the attention of Directorship team within two weeks of the breach occurring. All Division Officers have the right to remove individuals that may bring New British Union into disrepute.


2.1 All Members and Party officials are obligated to treat all other Members and Party officials with due courtesy and respect, even in the event of disagreement on fundamental issues. All Members agree to abide by decision of the NDT.

2.2 All Members are under an obligation to always act in a way that will not bring the party into disrepute. When attending meetings or Party functions a smart business dress code always applies.

2.3 All Members are obligated to raise concerns on any aspect of Party activity or behaviour in the correct hierarchal channels, either to local Officers, the NDT or the Director, in that order.

2.4 The distribution, by any electronic or printed means, of dissatisfaction, allegations of any sort, true or false, outside of the official channels, is expressly forbidden. No material, which brings the party into disrepute, shall be distributed via any of these means.

2.5 All Party officials are entrusted with access to confidential information and any unauthorised distribution of such material is an offence. The data protection laws should be strictly adhered to at all times. Any breach may result in action being taken by the authorities and the Party against those responsible with restitution and damages sought in the case of any actions which are proven to have been in breach of the Data Protection Act and/or has harmed or put our members, donors or supporters at risk or has interfered with their privacy.