NBU Social Values

NBU Social Values


Today, Socialism still has many adherents around the world in spite of the fact that it has been proven an abject failure everywhere it has been tried, leaving the formerly one of the most prosperous nations in the world deeply in debt and on the brink of economic collapse-Britain. However, this has not, resulted in an upsurge for the socialist-lite mainstream conservatives with their advocacy of mixed economies, a little Socialism, a little Capitalism, and painfully insincere lip-service to traditional values.


No, as the Socialist left becomes ever more extreme, the rising opposition to this has been from the anarcho-capitalist libertarians. Some people have described this lot as ‘conservatives without morals’ which is to say, they are ultra-capitalists who do not care if someone aborts their babies, or shoots up heroin as long as it does not cost them any money. I think these groups will surpass the mainstream Conservatives as more and more give up on the moral issues which are seen as so unpopular. They really are not of course but since the liberal, degenerates control the pop media it seems that way. You see more and more of them every day.

The morals and values of society cannot be ignored or left up to the whims of popular social fashion. This does not mean you have some sort of reactionary clerical-ruled State, a sort of Christian theocracy, more traditional values became values and social norms in the first place because they were to the benefit of society. Rules against adultery, for example, helped ensure that the people of the tribe would not be constantly killing each other in jealous rages or passing around diseases. Have we forgotten the importance of survival? The people who wish to survive are the people who will support strong, traditional and large families. Homosexuality should be tolerated but not promoted in any way by the State, what two consenting adults do in private is up to them as long as it does not harm the State.


However the NBU stance is that there is not and never will be a substitute for a strong father and a strong mother having lots of babies. In the totalitarian State, everything that could become a trend harmful to the overall well being of society and the survival of the nation must be opposed vigorously. One of the things absolutely essential for the survival of a nation and for a young, vibrant and healthy society able to carry their social burden is a healthy birthrate. Men and women have a part to play in this. That means that the State must encourage men to be men and women to be women. That means, reinforcing the natural, instinctive drives toward reproduction. Regarding men, this is not difficult. Men are pretty simple, uncomplicated and have one thing in mind when it comes to interacting with females. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, it is healthy, it is natural and is a trait developed in order to ensure the survival of the species. Lusts are to be controlled, not eradicated. Let them have a proper hunger for the female form, an idealisation of the women of their nation as the height of perfection as an encouragement to establishing and securing the family unit. Men know what to do and they have the drive, they just need to be pointed in the right direction and encouraged rather than being forced to run around in circles of sexual frustration by a society that cannot decide how it wants them to act. That is where the women come into this.


Women have a great responsibility in this and must embrace true feminism. That does not mean embracing the cause of the so-called ‘feminists’ of today who want to remake women along the lines of the very worst aspects of men. The true feminist recognises that women can be anything their talents allow and must even shoulder their share of the burden of national defence, ideally in non-combatant roles although they should be trained for that. However, the true feminist also does not sacrifice her femininity and does not embrace the permanent ‘victim’ status being pushed on women. Women have a great deal of power and always have and it is the women who can and must take the lead in reforming


the men. Too many men today are listless, pathetic creatures and all too often it is women who have been responsible for this as they themselves have fallen prey to the Marxist lie of total and absolute equality. That is absurd, men and women are not equal in any way. Men will always be superior to women in certain ways and women will always be superior to men in other certain ways. The ‘battle of the sexes’ is ruinous and, just as with economics, with ownership and labour, society will only prosper when men and women are on the same page and cooperate for the greater good. Women can do most things men can but they can do one very important thing men cannot do and that is have children and there is nothing more uniquely feminine than motherhood. It does not mean that is all they are or all they can be, but it is the one indispensable service women provide for society, the survival of the nation; no trivial task certainly. Because that is such a great service, there has to be care taken about it; namely doing it in the stability and security of a proper family. The State can intervene when that is not possible, but that is certainly not the ideal. First of all, women need to be particular about their men. That does not mean being a perfectionist, don’t throw away a good man looking for the perfect one you’ll never find. Men must bear the burden of providing for the family, protecting the family and assuming overall responsibility for it, but women play a key role in this in regards to keeping the family together. Most husbands will be loyal unto death and bear many burdens so long as their wives do not neglect them. Husbands and Wives should keep each other well satisfied, not only for the sake of themselves, but for the family so that each recognizes that their spouse is the source of their physical happiness. Each must work for the other to be content in all areas.


In general, morality is the realm of religion and philosophy. On the finer points and ideas concerning the afterlife that is true and are things the State need not bother with. However, that does not mean these things are not important as every great civilization has always had a clear moral code and set of values. When it comes to social cohesion, men and women, family, children and keeping up the population, these are as the State must be involved with as they ultimately affect society as a whole. Sex, which is reproduction, must be encouraged in its proper context. That does not mean being prudish or puritanical. Ancient Rome was certainly none of those things yet at their height they valued their proud, large families and it was precisely when these things stopped being valued that Rome began to decline. Women can work, can perform national service and men can be good fathers and work in the domestic setting but men cannot shirk their duty to be the protectors and women are the only ones who can be mothers and only in cooperation can they provide stable, growing families which are the cornerstones of any successful society. Perversions must be rooted out and the self-destruction of a population cannot be allowed. That is the fundamental framework of social values according to the NBU.