NBU Principles

Basic Principles of the NBU


   1. We support the rollback of the so-called modern westernised democratic system. This is not to say that we are undemocratic. Our aim is to install the responsibilities of government to our people through leadership, partnership and cooperation. We shall install accountability at all levels possible within both the public and private market sectors. Our intent is to return political power to the people by challenging Capitalism, Socialism and Marxism at every opportunity. We will return the wealth generated within our society to those who worked for it and earned it. Through these measures, true democracy shall be attained by the people of Britain.


   2. We support a proportional representation voting system, thus allowing the smallest of voices a chance to be heard whilst directly taking away the power of the current political elite and their “first past the post” electoral sham. Initially we propose to maintain a five year term of public office. On winning a second term, we propose to install a “Yes / No” vote to be held at the five year anniversary. Yes to remain in office, no to call a general election.


   3. We support a two-tier legislature consisting of an upper house (the Commons) and a lower house (the Chamber of Corporations, formally the House of Lords). The Commons will be elected by the people and will be the sole instrument of government. The Chamber of Corporations would be a debating chamber looking at the wider “macro” world issues, advising the Commons on matters of future internal and foreign policies with a view on world economics and their factors.


Men and Women shall be elected to sit in the Chamber of Corporations by people on the basis on industry, with the larger industries carrying more seats. This will eliminating the need for lobbyists and competing special interests as every “interest” would have equal and established representation. Some of the existing Peers shall be retained in government, with the remainder being returned to their residences to be called upon should their specific knowledge be required.


4. The NBU proposes to remove Britain from the European Union, instead engaging into a free trade agreement. Our belief is that the EU as a body should serve the countries of the EU in a facilitating role, indentifying manufacturing needs with supplies across members states, not sitting above elected Governments imposing the will of Marxists and Socialists who proliferate the EU legislature in great numbers. Britain is and shall remain a sovereign state.

5. The military will be considered one of the highest forms of service to the nation. Military service would initially be voluntary except when necessity dictates, with a long term view of reinstalling a Two (2) year National Service for young men and Women on reaching Eighteen (18) years of age. Serving your country will open to both genders though women would not be allowed in ground combat zones.

6. We support an economy based on fair competition and class unity. Our hope would be to make obsolete Trade Unions as they would be unnecessary within a functional Fascist state, but they will not be banned as long as they act in the interest of their members and not of any political movement. Industry codes (regulating prices, quality control, hours, workers benefits and wages etc) would be established by the mutual agreement of workers and ownership and from that time forward compliance would be enforced by the government. Programs would encourage citizens to favour native-produced products; otherwise, free trade is fine provided it is on an equitable basis.



7. We believe every country should have a firm moral code, with Britain’s being reflective of the teachings of Christianity. Freedom of religion however would not be absolute. Oswald Mosley wrote that a British Fascist government should support the work of the Church and it shall. The government will recognise that the Church of England is the sole religious heir and will endeavour to promote the aims of the Church of England within British society.

An NBU Government shall also embark on a programme of cultural restoration, through its labour programme, which shall see investment placed into abandoned, neglected or derelict churches, returning them to society for use by the people. The NBU does not support the compulsory adherence to religion.


8. The NBU considers that every Country should have a unity of purpose and a core set of values. British Fascism recognises that government has a duty to its people, not vice versa as we see today. Fascism would aim at the ultimate abolition of the multi-party system, but it would not set out to destroy such if it serves the public interest and the people demand it. British Fascism welcomes all to join, but also recognises that it may not appeal to all. In such instances, should people wish to emigrate from a British Fascist state, then the government would put into place mechanisms to facilitate such departure.

9. Borders will be strictly enforced with security forces on the national frontiers. Anyone entering the nation illegally will be deported. Immigration will be tightly controlled to allow in only those who would be productive citizens and who would be most able to adapt into the cultural mainstream of the home country. A comprehensive identity card system will be introduced. our belief is that a successful country should have one people, one flag, one main language, one value system and so on. Multiculturalism in the terms of open boarder immigration does not work, leading to a dysfunctional and splintered society. Not all regions within Britain may be able to follow this exactly (some have dual languages) but the point is understood. It is felt that immigrants must in general adapt to the traditions of their new country of residence, as such, countries should not and cannot be expected to adapt to immigrants.


10. In the area of foreign policy we believe in peace through strength. It is in the nature of strong and vibrant nations to economically expand, whereas weak and decaying nations withdraw. Foreign policy is to look after the national interests on the world stage and that should be taken seriously, simply and unambiguously. Kindred nations should be supported as friends, while those of hostile ideologies or beliefs should be countered should they pose a threat to world peace. Nations that desire assistance or protection from your country should be given it, but should also expect to give something in return for this service. No one, at home or abroad, should expect something for nothing. All British overseas dominions and territories will be protected without hesitation should protection be sought.


11. On social issues, there is a reason “traditional values” became traditional in the first place. Recognition should be given to large families. A healthy nation is one with a growing population. The state should support large families. People should take pride in their family name and history and take care to do it honour. All of these traditional values were formed, not because of arbitrary custom, but out of self-preservation. Views on issues such as abortion, homosexuality and contraception can be divisive issues, but the views of the state and its citizens will be taken in to account. Referendums can be held on all these matters if necessary.

12. National strength and cohesion must be maintained. This means having institutions at every level of society that promote patriotism and a proud and strong public. There should be an emphasis on physical fitness, best done through schools, national sports academies or existent youth groups such as the Scouts. Sports that embrace competition and the struggle for excellence should be promoted. Schools will also be directed to teach British history, warts and all, with focus on our national traditions, love of country, exercise, discipline and practical skills.


13. The Media should not be restricted, however; the media must recognize their responsibility to report the news in a natural fact discovering unbiased basis, not one coloured by a particular political view or political wish. News must broadcast facts and events, not the wishes of any one media mogul or newspaper editor. The media must step up and openly recognise the power and influence it has over the general population, a power not invested in them through a democratic process, but one attained in a purely commercial world and to their own financial betterment. As Fascists we firmly believe that accountability breads responsibility. Irresponsible persons within the media will be prosecuted.

14. We think education should be realistic, practical and geared toward national strength and productivity. Lower schools should be used to determine the gifts of the student and higher education should refine those gifts. Not everyone is cut out for university. Universities should focus on making the pupil the master of his or her chosen future profession. Courses should be offered that serve some practical purpose which will enable the graduate to become a productive member of a modern society.

15. The welfare state; it is and shall remain the duty of the government to support those within its nation. As a statement of principle; within a British Fascist society it is recognised that the welfare state was formed to support those that need help, not cushion those that do not wish to work. Therefore, a full review of the welfare state and its application will be applied once all the facts and figures associated with this subject are known. The NBU recognises that a Government has a duty of care to its people and it shall act within this principle.

16. The NBU challenges general unemployment. Rather than reward fit unemployed people with money taken from those who earned it, unemployed people will be enrolled in public works projects so that more men and women will know the benefits of manual labour and social spirit empowered through team work. These public works projects will provide manpower for building projects and infrastructure maintenance while giving the dignity of work to the unemployed.


17. Human Rights Act; on leaving the EU the NBU will suspend the Human Rights Act so to allow time for the act to be reviewed and returned to legislature as a workable law opposed to a shield behind which villains and terrorists hide. The NBU is mindful that every person has unassailable human rights, which protect them from torture and other wrong doings. But we are duty bound as a responsible Government to remove aspects of this act that offer protection to the shameful.


18. The leadership principle. The leader of the nation (call him what you will) should by a source of unity and national leadership. He should not be subject to the whim of popular opinion. In order to maintain a coherent foreign policy he must be above the political process, a permanent fixture on the national scene. Domestic policy would largely be handled by the Commons with the leader approving or disapproving legislation. However, issues of foreign policy and national defence should be his responsibility alone which will provide stability.