NBU Youth

So what does this movement mean to us all and what are we willing to do moving forward?

For a start as young men we all need to improve our physical strength. I know lockdowns and the restrictions of our God given rights have been tough on us all, due to a weak population we find ourselves alongside.

These people ARE NOT your equals, but they still are your countrymen and women. You need to ask yourself, what can you do for the movement and not what IT can do for you. I am a firm believer that charity starts from home as the saying goes and we can’t afford in these times to be weak, the same saying applies to our strength and vision.

Your all young men and my job as Youth Officer is to give you steadfast guidance on how to be better and to give you advice on the best way to pursue our dream moving forward. It’s clear that we are tired with the way things are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this email right now, it’s also become clear to me that the leftist cabal and left wing Marxists in this nation aren’t giving up anytime soon and they’ll use any means necessary. I applaud the strength they use, I really do, they capitalise on the weak and pathetic and no one does anything about it, how perfect for them.

Well my brothers in arms NO MORE! No more shall we pander to the language silencing, NO MORE shall we pander to the violence they threaten us with and NO MORE shall we pander to the way things are! I call on you all to improve your physical state and also to become better versed in our beliefs

We will be forming cells all over the Great nation we live in and I implore you all to let me know your area so I can connect you with local members within your area.

We are the youth of the party and it’s our job and our duty to breath new life into this great movement we find ourselves serving.

In Union
Tom Mitford

NBU Youth Leader