A major national survey (taken May 2005) has shown that political disaffection is by far the biggest factor behind low turn out at recent elections

The survey of people who were registered to vote but who didn't was commissioned by the Power Inquiry, a year long inquiry into falling political participation including election turnouts and growing disillusionment with sham British democracy.


Most non-voters (54%) when asked what would encourage them to vote said, politicians keeping their promises (some hope!) the figure rose for the 18-24 year old to 72%. Of course keeping promises is impossible under the present democratic system which puts an opposition party in Westminster who do all they can to derail the government of the day in the hope of replacing them at the next election.

When asked what was the main reason for not voting 36% cited a lack of difference between parties and that politicians 'could not be trusted', as this was taken back in 2005 one can only imagine how high that percentage is now.

Only 19% cited apathy as a reason for not voting. This is important to note as it clearly shows that the vast majority of non voters would vote if they felt they had something worth voting for.

More than 90% identified three or more political issues that mattered to them despite the fact that 66% declared themselves as disinterested in politics-suggesting that many non-voters do not connect the issues that concern them to parliamentary talking shop politics.

Power Inquiry chair Helena Kennedy QC said' "It is not good enough to blame low turnouts on voter apathy. People very clearly care about important issues they just don't trust the politicians or the processes by which they claim their mandates".

This report is from 2005, 7-8 years ago, since then we have seen the expense scandal break and the election of an oxymoronic coalition government whose MP's take part in 'reality' TV shows in pathetic attempts to curry public favour. The fact is that nobody voted for the present government, the Liberals lost seats at the election yet their leader is now deputy Prime Minister as Mosley said "all good old fellows on the benches together".

Over recent years it began to become clear to myself that a form of fascism would be required to save our once great country, that it hasn't yet formed in the minds of the people is down to us to rectify.

The time is now right that is why I launched New British Union a movement of the people against the political class and the enemies of Britain. Mosley was right eighty years ago he remains right today, October 1932 saw the flag of British Union raised in Britain for the first time, January 2013 saw it flying proudly once again.

Lets rally the people and work to get our message to the masses ACTION IN UNITY.

Gary Raikes