As the nature of the crisis develops, so too must the intensity of New British Union propaganda. More and more of the available resources of the movement must be devoted to providing the ammunition of battle, which is propaganda material.

People should anticipate a critical period in the immediate future. Ours is the only movement that is organising to take effective action upon the arrival of the crisis, but we need your support to help increase the volume and reach of our propaganda material in order to prepare our people for the disaster which ever-approaches Britain.

We need your assistance in our struggle. We ask all those with the nationalist flame burning within their hearts to forego but a few simple pleasures a week in order to contribute a greatly-appreciated sum of a few pounds or more.

It is the absolute and immediate duty of every member to enrol other patriots. You will convince others only by the force and validity of your argument, its soundness confirmed by proof of its premises. Always remember that a majority within the politically-active youth have fallen prey to Marxian ideology. Their propaganda has been relentlessly broadcast for decades, hidden under a thin veneer of musical or visual entertainment, and has spread like a disease throughout our whole nation.

We Fascists are to be the great and vital antidote injected into the veins of our sick and dying Britain.

To aid us in our efforts will require considerable self-discipline, forsaking leisure time for education and preparation; for spreading our message; for defending the values of our nation.

This is the first occasion on which a wide public appeal has been made for financial help in our propaganda, and it is the first opportunity afforded to our membership and supporters to help in this particular work.

Please give what you can - every penny shall be utilised in the growth of New British Union and the delivery of New-Fascism to our embattled people.

Thank you.