As crisis developes so must the intensity of NBU propaganda increase. More and more of the available resources of the movement must be devoted to providing the ammunition of battle, which is propaganda material.


People should anticipate a critical period at no very distant future and it behoves us to see what British Fascists ought to do by way of preparation. It is plainly imperative for each of our members to be up and doing. Not a day must be lost. Ours is practically the only movement that is definitely organising to take effective action, but it needs to be vastly increased both in material and man power at the earliest opportunity.


There are two ways by which this can be effected. Firstly by propaganda which requires money. Secondly by personal effort, which needs self denial. If every member of NBU were to deny themselves to the tune of two pounds a week we would be able to triple our activities. Could not each of us forego one pint or one packet of cigarettes a week? Many of us could do more than that so surely this appeal will not fall on deaf ears, for the essence of Fascism is self sacrifice.


Passing to the question of how to increase membership. It is the plain and immediate duty of every member to enrol other patriots. Here again personal effort is needed. You will not convince others save by the force of your argument backed up with proof. Remember that red doctrines have got there first, especially amongst the young. The propaganda has been skilfully and plausibly broadcast and has been spread like a disease throughout the whole country.


We Fascists are like the antidote injected into the veins of a sick person, every one of us should be an active germ of health. We all must be up and doing.


It will need considerable self denial in giving up some of our leisure time to study and equip ourselves for the task, and in making the attempt to gain converts, but our country is in danger, and is surely worth all our efforts.


This is the first occasion on which a wide public appeal has been made for financial help in our propaganda, and it is the first opportunity afforded to our membership and supporters to help in this particular work.


Please give what you can, every penny will be used in promoting NBU and New-Fascism to our embattled people,


Thank You.