We who wear the Blackshirt

We, who wear the blackshirt, know that in the creation of the Fascist State, lies the only hope for the building up of the 'Greater Britain' which is our objective, and which will be our reward. We ask for a disciplined state, we must ourselves set an example.

The donning of the blackshirt must mean, therefore, a definite assumption of character. Every favourable impression created upon the public by a Blackshirt is an asset of inestimable value. Every unfavourable impression created by a slack ill mannered Blackshirt sets back the movement. When you put on your uniform remember that.

Fascists do not curry favour like the old political party hacks and demagogues. Their purpose is to command respect. Soldiery bearing combined with manly courtesy is the best method of gaining that respect.

The public will rally to Fascism if they feel that the men and women who wear the blackshirt are worthy of their confidence, and are of a type they would be proud to know. At most meetings I have attended I have been proud of our movement and its personnel. Our men have been smart, well turned out, and efficient. Their personality has stood out as something to be admired and trusted. They have been worthy representatives of a worthy cause.

The mere wearing of a blackshirt does not make a Fascist. Even a comprehensive knowledge of policy does not complete the transformation. Deeper and more vital is the necessity for an understanding of the Fascist spirit.

The spirit of Fascism is service, strength and gentleness. Upon the behaviour of our members rests the dignity and status of our movement. During the last few months, the influx of new members is going to be more than trebled. New members will take their standards from those who are already active. The country needs a great army of soldier-statesmen.

Intelligence, strength and discipline are the national need. Convince the people of Britain that these attributes are possessed by the NBU and the battle is won.

Blackshirts remember when you put on your uniform that you are the representatives of the movement which seeks to rebuild Britain. In you, and by your actions will be judged the capacity of our movement for creating order out of chaos and strength out of weakness.

Gary Raikes