Britain Awake’ has been a constant watchword of British Fascism ever since it was first founded. But exactly which type of British men and women do we wish to awaken? Especially we appeal to the youth and ex-servicemen of this country.

On no account, however, must you throw yourself headlong into this movement. Your duty in the movement is simply this, in whatever rank you may be placed work unceasingly and untiringly to promote the truth of British Fascism and NBU.

It is essential in the Fascist movement that everybody, Party/Command officers and members, work together. It is essential for the cause, and if you are a true Fascist the cause should be one of the most important things in your life.

If you are committed to our cause you will wish to see not only your family and friends, but also all the other millions who are living under sham democracy reborn into a new Britain. A Britain which admires and respects every member in its community, a Britain whose duty it shall be to undertake to look after her citizens instead of looking after the City of London. That is Fascism.

And that is where team-work comes in. We want to teach every man and woman in Britain the meaning of Fascism. A great deal of work has to be done and that is where we ask for your help. It is your duty to help us realise our idea.

It is for the young men and women who have the whole of their lives ahead of them to decide. For their service there is no material reward, but there is the realisation that they have helped to raise their country to the standard of a great nation again.

Every leaflet handed out, every poster put up, every conservation that leads to a visit to our website is another shot fired in the war of truth, to inform and educate our people is a noble cause, to awake Britain our mission, a struggle in which every Blackshirt has their part to play.

Gary Raikes