Once again dire election results has bought the need for unity amongst nationalists sharply into focus, there surely can not be a patriot left who does not see or understand this. Well there is hope, and that hope is with the Federation of Nationalists and Patriots.

The first step to real unity is to get people talking and then working together and this can be achieved by all parties and movements joining the Federation. New British Union have already done so, we joined back in October 2013. The Federation do not interfere with how your party is run they have no interest in taking over any group, they offer advice and assistance both which we have been happy to accept over recent months.

Elections could be fought in the future with each separate party using the same statement under their names on the ballot paper and all election material, “Federation of Nationalists and Patriots member”. No two members will contest the same seat, a decision will be made to who has the strongest support in any one area all other federation members will then advise their members to vote for that party. No member party will ever attack another, cyber-wars have done incalculable damage to our cause over the last few years.

I believe this can work if various leaderships are willing to talk and act in the common interest of us all, it is the first real step to unity, no one is giving up their positions, no one is being asked to go against their principles or modify their policies. A general meeting could be held once a year of the leadership teams of every Federation member where all would have an equal say, to quote Churchill “It is better to jaw jaw than war war”. A united Right is the biggest fear of the left we owe it to all our members to do all we can to make this a reality.

The FoNP have the structure in place they have been working ceaselessly in the background helping movements across Europe, these guys are the real deal, true nationalists who only have the good of nationalism at heart. I urge all members of all patriotic movements to get your leaderships signed up, if they still refuse then you need to ask yourself why.

For information on the Federation please visit http://www.fofnp.org/ talk to them, at least take the first step, time for us and our people is running out.

Gary Raikes

New British Union