At this evenings UKIP Public Meeting in Westminster, London my Blackshirt comrades and I had to run the gauntlet of abuse and missiles thrown by 300 unwashed scum of Unite Against Fascism/Socialist Worker's Party, outside the rally. A black lady UKIP supporter was hit on the head by an egg thrown by who are the real racists?! Inside the Hall, there were scuffles and UKIP Stewards were forced to eject about 20 Reds, who shouted "Racists!", "Fascists!" and so on. UKIP are not Fascists like us in the NBU, but they are patriotic and want to control immigration which is good (even though they put too much emphasis on being against immigration from Europe, rather than the Third World). However, on the down side they are financial capitalistic and reactionary. However, we NBU supporters from London and Sussex went to hear what Nigel Farage had to say, and Mosley himself believed in freedom of speech, but UAF/SWP chant: "No Platform for Fascists!" On the way home after the meeting I read a copy of the pro-Tory, pro-immigration 'London Evening Standard' newspaper, which included an article 'On Immigration, Ukip is out of step in modern Britain' by Matthew d'Ancona, which compared Farage to the fictional character Roderick Spode, 7th Earl of Sidcup, leader of the fascist Saviours of Britain movement (Spode was created by the comic writer P.G. Wodehouse, who poked fun at Mosley, but Wodehouse himself broadcast on Nazi Radio, when he lived in Occupied France during the war). Here is how Mosley's Blackshirts dealt efficiently with Red thugs at the Olympia Rally: