NBU The natural party of youth

The nations youth is that part of it which is still making desperate attempt to find security of occupation and is preoccupied with the struggle to make good, not just financially, but philosophically. The age in which we live will go down in history as the age which had the folly to permit the greatest number of willing young workers to rot away in unwilling idleness.

I fail to see any real and dangerous signs of the often mentioned demoralisation of youth. But I do see clearly and unmistakably ghastly signs and evidence of youth's starvation. Youth is rarely put on a pedestal except at such times as it is being murdered and mangled and maimed. When a nation really is up against it, when in other words, a country is fighting for its life, our elders see in the destruction of youth their own possible salvation.

Those that think and say the vilest things about modern youth are the very people who, when their own skins are in danger, pay lip service to youths heroism and self sacrifice. There are plenty of people who are willing to give youth a chance of proving its worthiness to die, who would not lift a finger to provide youth with an opportunity of proving its worthiness to live.

What are the sins of which today’s youth are supposed to be guilty of? Frivolity, lack of ambition and discipline, sport-mania, irresponsibility lack of 'guts' and an obsession with celebrity. Those that make these accusations deserve to be told that they are hypocrites looking round for excuses for their own past seductions and incompetencies.

And where is the evidence that youth is unambitious? Or that it is irresponsible? The complete answer to such a charge is to be found in the fact that, not withstanding the terrible period of austerity that we are going through, this nation of ours has kept its head and heart in the right places. If youth had been only half as bad as it has been made out to be it would be impossible to strike a optimistic note or utter a word of hope for the future.

The grand army of today’s youth is as good as the youth of yesterday or the day before. But unfortunately it isn’t as lucky, except in the sense that though its difficulties and problems are almost unthinkably perplexing, its courage and fortitude are big enough and strong enough to carry it to victory.

Fascism is a revolution of the young against the out-dated thinking of the old, New British Union is the natural home for our young people for we are both the future of Britain.

Gary Raikes