We wear a Blackshirt because the colour Black best expresses the iron determination of Fascism in the conquest of red anarchy. Symbolism in itself is nothing new in British politics. Red Labour, Blue Tories, Yellow Liberals (very apt) and now even Green and Purple are fighting to get their noses in the Westminster trough.

In symbolism as in our creed we are more full-blooded people and, literally as well as metaphorically, have put our shirt on Fascism. Our members are not compelled to wear the Blackshirt. In most districts only about 1 in 20 wear it. But those who have worn the Blackshirt in the early days and publicly proclaimed their faith before the world, have performed a service to Fascism which will never be forgotten. Strongly held opinions, strongly expressed, are a necessity in this chaotic age. The Blackshirt, therefore, is the symbol of Fascism.

The salute is not Italian or German, it is the oldsest salute of European civilisation and was used in early Britain many centuries before a Fascist Party was created in Italy. Also the Fasces is a symbol used in Britain for the last 2000 years and are found on most of our great monuments. The symbol was bought to Britain by our Roman ancestors, who were here for four centuries and their stock remained for ever. The fasces were the symbol of the Roman Empire. What was more fitting than they should be used by the British Empire which succeeded and surpassed the Roman Empire.

The 'Flash and Circle' flag is the official flag of British Fascism. The flash of action in the circle of unity.

Gary Raikes