Southern Member’s Event

The first Southern Members Event was a huge success, with twenty people turning up, despite major road works and train works, with one member spending nearly two hours on a train stuck at a train station due to delays!

After an introduction from myself, and a brief, but meaningful message from Gary Raikes, the stage was left open to the Hampshire Officer who delivered an update on his county, which without going into details was very promising. Several other members then gave speeches, including myself. We then ordered a take away from a local English restaurant (name not disclosed so it is not targeted by left), and discussed a plan of action. Once we had finished, we headed out to stick up posters and deliver leaflets.

After walking over a mile to our designated area, we split into groups of five and between us managed to deliver two hundred leaflets, and stick up thirty posters in various locations. After an hour and a half we returned to an undisclosed area, where we proceeded to burn left wing propaganda. After the embers had died, and the Marxist ideology destroyed, we Blackshirts dispersed.

All in all it was a tremendous day, and we hope to have gained a few recruits from our leafleting campaign. I hope to see all members who attended at the Annual General Meeting in September.

Hail Britannia