Two years ago Gary Raikes re-lit the torch of fascism in Britain by founding New British Union. Many times during that period determined attempts have been made to extinguish that torch by enemies, very often disguised as friends. Sometimes they have almost succeeded. The light flickered and grew dim, but there was that vital spark which kept it alive through the stress of bad times until at last it is kindling into a flame that will sweep the whole country.

Thinking people of all classes, tired of the mess in which our professional politicians have landed us, are beginning to seek a real alternative. British Fascism is able, and willing, to supply it. British fascism is as distinct from italian Fascism as German national Socialism is from both, the only thing common to all is the spirit of patriotism which animates any fascist movement.

British fascism can save Britain from the forces of disloyalty and disruption which are gathering for the attack, while the political elite arrange trips to conferences all over the world at the expense of the tax-payers.

To our members and supporters we say the time is ripe to redouble our efforts to carry the light to those still in darkness. To the real patriot we say, "Rally to our banner and help us to repair the errors of our failed political parties." They have all betrayed us. Our programme is sane, and, above all else, practical. It aims at placing our country on a sound basis to get back to where she should be as the leader of the world in everything which makes for progress and prosperity.

Join our ranks now, and hasten the day when we can once more hold our heads high as proud citizens of the greatest country under the sun.

Sam Curtis

NBU secretary