Having recently read an article referring to “racist” stickers being stuck around Merseyside, I feel that there should be some clarity on the whole issue of what counts as racism and what doesn’t. My interpretation of racism is where a race of people are insulted in an aggressive manner, or physically harmed. Racism does not entail a song about sheep, police officers lawfully shooting criminals, or stickers, which aim to remind white people to have pride in their race. Now had these stickers singled out ethnic groups, and demanded they be persecuted then they would be classified as racist, and the culprits be reprimanded, as racial division is not beneficial to the country. As a society, for some reason we have come to the decision that whites are ‘evil’, and all other races must be appeased, when in fact it was the white race, through Britain who were the first to outlaw slavery, which is still present in Africa and the Middle East, it was the white race who developed medicine and medical care, with figures such as Sir Alexander Fleming, and Florence Nightingale, it was the white race who discovered and explored the World, again with figures such as Christopher Columbus, and James Cook (Captain Cook), and it was the white race who have been the forefront in inventing, architecture and art, with figures such as Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, these are but a few of the white race’s achievements. To reiterate there is nothing wrong with being proud of your race’s achievements, and before the left wing jump in there with ‘the whites did this, that and the other’, all races have committed atrocities, the Arab’s enslaved more Africans than the Europeans, the Africans sold their fellow Africans into slavery in return for firearms, which they used to butcher each other and round up more Africans for slavery, the Asians/Orientals spent hundreds of years slaughtering each other, and pillaging and raping each other, take Genghis Kahn for example who supposedly raped thousands of women, and scientists estimate there are 16 million men descended from him in modern society as a result of this, the Indian’s enslaved , and slaughtered each other under their barbaric Caste System, and when the British government outlawed ‘Sati’ (the process in which a widow is thrown kicking and screaming onto their husband’s funeral fire, and burnt alive with his body), the Indians began their War of Independence.


The New British Union does not persecute on accounts of what we look like. We acknowledge that there are differences between races, and these differences should be celebrated, not hidden behind closed doors. I do find it hilarious, how it is perfectly acceptable to the left wing to claim that a black male has a large phallus, but it is ‘racist’ to suggest that people from Islamic countries are more likely to be terrorists than people from other nations. The far left, and the left in general’s biggest fear is fact, they cannot dispute it, their cries of racism now fall on deaf ears as the British population is starting to wake up, and realise what was, ‘stereotyping’ is starting to become fact. Ethnic, especially black communities do tend to be more violent, fact (look at Birmingham, ‘42% of the population are from an ethnic group that is not white’, and is number one, for gun crime in the UK). People coming from Islamic countries are more likely to be terrorists, fact (look at the recent EU panic over refugees from said regions). Right wing ideologies are plausible, fact. The right wing is growing and becoming more socially acceptable, even though the lefties claim it isn’t, fact. Now what we are now pushing for and it is becoming more likely with every passing day, is making fascism mainstream. Already we have seen ex-Conservative, Labour, and UKIP supporters who have become disillusioned with the current system join our ranks, and we saw a noticeable surge in our numbers after the 2015 General Election, as it showed democracy doesn’t work. Our message appeals to both those who are suffering under our current political situation, and those who are benefiting from it, as most can see that fascism is fair and just to all who are law-abiding citizens. We must now do everything in our power to further the Fascist cause, and secure the future for our people.


Hail Britannia


Jack Jones

NBU Youth Officer