If anyone needed further proof of how politically naive whats left of the bnp are the fact they say they will be standing candidates in the general election must surely be it. Who in their right minds would pay out £500 per candidate knowing that every single deposit will be lost? If you have been counted out in the first round whats the use of getting knocked out in the second?

By standing in the coming election they will confirm their weakness, lack of support and electoral collapse. The very few activists left will be completely demoralised, more 'branches' will disappear as they are wiped off the political map by UKIP. Anyone who does not see or understand this are deluded.

The ballot box is closed for maybe the next decade, the establishment have shored it up by letting UKIP join their ranks, a party of protest paid for and backed by the usual suspects, manned by ex-Tories, the same fat arses sat on the same Westminster seats, nothing changes!

Forget the ballot box and do something constructive, help build the strongholds required for the coming struggle, join NBU and play your part in operation citadel, take your place in our final stand, voting will change nothing if it did it wouldn't be allowed!