NBU Leader Gary Raikes has completed an interesting and successful tour of Scotland, having addressed meetings at Dumfries, Dalbeattie, Bathgate, Edinburgh and Ellon.

These were all private meetings organised by various groups, as the anti-British elements in Scotland disrupt public ones as they are determined not to allow freedom of speech in the country. Sadly if meetings are advertised there is a good chance they wont go ahead due to threats to venues etc. Mr Raikes is happy to talk at any meeting no matter the size of the crowd, if you would like to have him as a guest speaker at your private meeting please contact to arrange a date.

At Dumfries the audience was small but appreciative. Here Mr Raikes began his campaign with an exposition of the advantages which Scotland could derive from corporate organisation and representation.

The Dalbeattie meeting was highly successful. The audience was remarkably enthusiastic with a lively Q & A session being held.

The Bathgate meeting was attended almost exclusively by industrial workers. The speaker was given a very courteous and attentive reception and the interest of the invited audience was sustained for nearly three hours!

Unfortunately the Edinburgh meeting gave people an opportunity of seeing how the red hooligans offends against the Public Meeting Act with the connivance of the labour party and others. As this meeting was not on private property word got out and the usual suspects turned up, the audience for the most part consisted of noisy and dirty student antifascists. Mr Raikes managed to explain policy and answered some questions but the meeting closed early.

At Ellon Mr Raikes spoke to an excellent audience and dealt mainly with independence. He said that England and Scotland had been linked together in the past and must be together in the future for the good of both. He finished by saying that it would seem that the opposition offered by the Reds in Edinburgh stands in the most emphatic contrast with the courteous, attentive and sympathetic consideration granted to fascist policy by the average Scottish audience.