Prevent Marxist propaganda in schools

In many of our secondary schools young Britons are being continually exposed to all shades of red and pink opinion combining to mould young minds along certain lines

The Government of course does nothing to stop Red propaganda in state owned schools as it suits their political purpose. The establishment carries on this propaganda using the BBC and the media as a whole.

Marxism strikes at the very roots of nationality and patriotism. Its influence on young people is considerable, for at first glance, it appeals to their sense of justice and attempts to exploit youths innate vigour and generosity.

Our young people have not yet seen communism with the mask off. They lack the bitter experience of their eastern European brothers and sisters, and are all the more vulnerable to Marxist propaganda. Fascism must combat red influence and put an end to this anti-British brain-washing.

Reds rarely work openly in schools for fear of arousing the parents indignation. They rather exploit all branches of flabby liberal and soft socialist opinion, since it is realised than an attack on Fascism must come before any attempt to infuse Marxist theory. Therefore, youngsters are compelled to listen to impassioned defences of ‘Democratic Institutes, multiculturalism, and free speech all wrapped up in political correctness, while every form of slander and ridicule is hurled against Fascism.

This unchecked Marxist influence with its veiled attacks on religion, nationality, and even morality is intolerable to all Britons who are truly proud of their country. By allowing the minds of our sons and daughters to be moulded by the left, British citizens are unconsciously helping to produce a generation of emasculated youths who will one day be called upon to shape the destiny of a great country.

Unless this is prevented, a ghastly crime will be committed, a crime worse than murder – the crime of national suicide.