Marches change nothing it's time to join Operation Citadel, time to join NBU.

There has been a number of calls to demonstrate in Rotherham, calls that will no doubt fall on deaf ears. The world knows what has happened in the town, it has been reported in every newspaper and on every TV news show, there can not be a person left in the country that hasn’t heard about Muslim grooming gangs. So, what are the demonstrations for? Who are they highlighting this issue to? Does anyone really believe that the culprits will take any notice? The media? The establishment? The Muslim community? Will one days march through the high street change anything? Of course not.

Meanwhile what is happening in all the towns where the patriots descending on Rotherham come from, are any of them doing anything constructive in their own communities to combat political correctness and failed multiculturalism?

Patriots time and effort must be directed to positive action at a grass roots level. Marches have never and will never change a bloody thing. The people making decisions are still sitting on all the committees and councils, they still influence everything that happens in your home-towns. From schools to planning, from drink licences to holding a fête, they decide on all the political correct nonsense that infects every major employer, every public service, every church, every parish, the guides, the scouts the cadet forces, the shops, the pubs, the sport centres all have committees/groups/forums made up of liberal brainwashed weak minded fools that represent YOU the people!

Do you really believe your day out will change that? Only by getting involved in your community by gaining influence and introducing common-sense back into everyday proceedings will you ever start to change things. Time to join Operation Citadel, time to join NBU.