††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† May Day March

May Day is the day of the British People; the political class have turned it into the day of every people except British. New British Union will relight the spirit of British revolution on the day dedicated to the peopleís determination to win a higher and a greater life.

How right it was that this day should have been chosen by the early and sincere leaders of the people to express the peoples yearning for a new and nobler civilisation. For in the spring of the year living nature throws off the dross of the past and breaks through to a new and renewed glory. So also the fiery will of man shall burst through the encumbrance of decadence and vested interest to a wondrous renewal of the vital spirit of Britain.

We should remember the early leaders of labour marching on May Day in passionate protest against the conditions of the people of Britain. Let us reflect upon that spirit of the early martyrs of the peoples cause, and contrast it with those little men who lisp of multiculturalism and being in it Ďall togetherí, on the rare occasions when their mouths are not stuffed with high living at the luxurious tables of the oppressors of the British people. Let us on May Day take one look at such creatures, and then raise our eyes from the mud to see again the light of those who died gladly in every age of Britainís greatness that the glory of Britain might live for ever.

As we march on May Day in British Union mighty ghosts and immortal spirits will be marching with us. For they died that we might live and live more fully and more greatly than men have ever lived before. For no less is the destiny of New British Union than at last to realise the dreams of the peopleís martyrs and the sacrifice of Britainís heroes.

High is this task and great this destiny. To Britain and our great people we will be true; and tomorrow Britain shall live again.