When we propose an effective system of government we are, of course, charged with the negation of liberty by those who have erected liberty into the negation of action. Liberty, by the definition of the old Parliamentarians, becomes the last entrenchment of obstruction.

We hear so much glib talk of liberty and so little understanding of its meaning. Surely nobody can imagine that the British, as a race, are free. The essence of liberty is freedom to enjoy some of the fruits of life, a decent house, good wages, reasonable hours of leisure after work short enough not to leave a man exhausted, unmolested private happiness with wife, children and friends, and finally, the hope of material success to set the seal on private ambition, these are the realities of liberty to the ordinary man.

How many possess this liberty today? How can the mass possess such freedom in a period of economic chaos and 'austerity'? Many unemployed the remainder living in the shadow of unemployment, enforced multiculturalism, low wages, long hours of exhausting labour, bad houses, shrinking social amenities, the uncertainly of industrial collapse and universal confusion, these are the lot of the average man today.

The beginning of liberty is the end of economic chaos. Yet how can economic chaos be overcome without the power to act?

Gary Raikes