A Fascist Brotherhood

Ours is a creed of union not division. We are a body of people in search of truth, and we seek to create a social organism which will allow mankind to express truth in action. We view history as a long striving to this high purpose. For those who demand a definition of truth the answer is, that truth is not to be confused in one word, one man, one nation, or one continent. Each and everyone has their own view of truth, be they warrior or worker, artist or navvy. Some, the leaders have a wider view than the rest. Others fear truth, such men deserve not hatred, but pity, for they have turned their backs to the light and fear their own shadows.

Our message to a suffering continent is to restore love of our fellow men to a hate racked world. The enemies of truth fear love, for when love wins the day the hate-mongers will no longer be able to stir brother against brother. If some in ignorance laugh at love, we can only say “without love, brotherhood is merely a word”.

Let all in Europe who have fought inspired by love of country, unite and love their continent with it’s 3000 years of culture, not a European super-state but a family of nations and their long and painful striving towards a fuller and finer expression of truth. Let us waste no energy on anger towards those who have no feeling for this idea, they deserve pity. If any who actively and wilfully attack this idea they will reap as they have sown. The light ever conquers darkness such is a principle in nature.

United in brotherhood Europe will weather the coming storm. The time is short, and those who have a sense of duty to the future must steel themselves for this, the mightiest task that ever challenged the soul of man. History bears witness to the heroism of those in all walks of life who froze, burned, starved in the service of truth. This present tear and blood stained chapter shall end with the words; “It was not in vain.”

Gary Raikes