Fascism without fear

There is a philosophy in Fascism which takes life at its true value. If this were not so, it would lose all its fire and appeal and would become no more than the voice of another political party, which of course, is what many think it to be.

Certain great fundamental truths have stood out through the ages. Truths are unchangeable, but it is interesting to note how throughout history they may for a long time become obscured, only to emerge in a successive age, having survived the ravages of time.

It is interesting, too, to note that it has been the great mass of humanity who have in every case dug them from the obscurity which was threatening them. I do not mean that it was public opinion or even popular opinion. Very often it was not, but started by some small voice calling in the wilderness of its own day and generation. It started with the voice of someone who saw more clearly and more vividly the great fundamentals, which because of their very truth survived.

That is the position of British Fascism today. By the fearless courage of a small band who see these things, and are fired by their convictions. It is beginning to spread through the country.

The Fascism of today is not the Fascism of yesterday, or necessarily the Fascism of tomorrow, but the outstanding point is that it recognises the facts of life as it finds them today and faces them with a truth and conviction not found in any other creed.

There has been a tendency in politics to complicate the simple truths and make the simple obscure. There is one little word that has been sadly neglected. It is the word ‘faith’. Youth has lost it, and old men have forsaken it.

The reins of power are still held by the remnants of the 20th century. They sit back in the complacent security of their privileged position, and when they speak they speak with forked tongues.

The old politically correct world tries to linger on in the new age with its faith crushed. The new world lives in the practical world of today and recognises the eternal truths of these old faiths and is straining at the leash to put them into active operation applicable to its own day and generation.

Common sense British values - Fascism without fear - People not politicians.

Gary Raikes