Hail comrades, I'd like a moment to propagate some thoughts, if that's alright. We live in an age of greed, iniquity and disunity. The throne of the nations power, Westminster, has become the heart of incompetence and factionalism. Our cities riddled with corruption and crime, and we live an uncertain, meaningless existence, where only wealth matters, and our only purpose is the pursuit thereof. A means without an end. do I really need to tell you that money does not equate to contentedness? There is no hope, no happiness, only the purpose of hoarding money. A "purpose" as disastrously damaging to the nation as it is to the individual. He knows no better existence so considers himself free. This is the enslavement of the individual, shackled by his own selfish desires. As Johann Wolfgang said "None are more hopelessly enslaved then those who falsely believe they are free". Basically, what is perceived as freedom is slavery; that our only purpose is to be the delusional pawn of a soulless, fanatically capitalist society.

What Fascism offers is to cast of the shackles of the individual, and instead offers its complimentary replacement with devotion to the wider community. All for one and one for all. This is far more beneficiary for the individual and the community, for the whole is only great when it is the sum of all its parts, and not just parts on its own. Indeed, mankind has an inherent instinct to work as a pack, a tribe, a community, a natural disposition missing from the modern man. Fascism offers to fill in that abnormal gap in our souls, in our lives, and in our hearts. This self-enslavement Fascism seeks to eliminate, Fascism instead offers you the purpose of life, devotion to the group (the collective) and not your own desires (the Individual). Fascism is healthy and offers true freedom, more importantly than that, a purpose, and a glorious one at that.

How did it come to this my comrades? Why do we live in an era of such abnormality and meaninglessness? Well, during the 20th century the Fascist states were few in number, only Nazi Germany (following the German racialist version of Fascism [Nazism]) and Showa Japan were expansionist. Before their war mongering, Fascism, especially that of Italy, enjoyed widespread popularity. When Nazi Germany began conquering and exterminating, and when Mussolini decided to side with Hitler instead of the western plutocratic democracies (a disastrous decision) it turned the worlds outlook towards Fascism from favourably to animosity, to the point of today where many people think Nazism and Fascism are synonymous, or mistake neo(new)-Fascist reactionary factions for ideological Fascism. Looking at it honestly, Fascist states operated magnificently, they were powerful, prosperous, and their populations were truly content. A system that provided such internal success can't be so hastily disregarded simply, not because they were outgunned and not out of deionizational prejudices.

During that time was suppose to be a transition period, from the past to the future, from the individual to the collective, and ultimately from the national into a World Order, a transition to a Type 1 civilization, a violent and improbable transition for any civilization, but it failed.. temporarily. And so here we stand, where we have no purpose, divided and with no future insight for mankind. Fascism offers to light this era of darkness, it is the beacon of hope that will guide the world to the future. Natural law's phases determine that if the past century was one of the individual, then the next will be the that of the state, and this time the international transition to Type 1, led by the New British Union, will ultimately be successful.
Fascism will rise from the ashes of potential, and our great nation will be reborn, united, powerful. As it is suppose to be. Don't we deserve a future free of conflict, and division, and terrifying uncertainty? Of course we do.

My comrades! Let us never rest, NEVER rest, let us strive relentlessly, until that glorious day when the flash the circle flies high, firmly fixed as the flag of the state, and of the nation!
All hail the New British Union! All hail Britannia!

NBU Youth member