When Paul preached Christianity in Ephesus he attracted a following so great that the business of the silversmiths there, who made their living by fashioning images of the goddess Diana, was seriously threatened with extinction. Their pockets had been touched so they went into immediate deliberation, decided upon a scheme and acted forthwith. They went about the streets shouting their false slogan to distract and mislead the populace. The same method has been applied for centuries when the actions of men of doubtful character have been discovered and held in the limelight of a public examination.

Slave owners answered their accusers with warped biblical quotations when workers for the freedom of slaves assailed them. Again, when the great Lord Shaftesbury was struggling to eliminate child labour he had to meet the argument, “You are trying to do away with the individual freedom of the subject.” What nonsense, yet this type of weapon has a peculiarly familiar ring about it.

The Fascist searchlight has been directed on the antique system of Parliamentary government, which decides that millions of voters, representing thousands of different trades, shall listen to hundreds of partly informed hysterical psychologists for a few hours, and then make crosses on pieces of paper which shall constitute their answer to thousands of involved economic questions for the next five years.

In its place Fascism offers a more rational system in which every person votes according to their occupation and puts their views at all times within their corporations. The modern silversmiths condemn this as a dictatorship and an interference with individual freedom. The only freedom which would be curtailed would be that of certain silversmiths to jingle coins in their pockets.

For centuries this country has made treaties, and hardly a decade has passed without its bloody war. The Fascist who suggests a no treaty policy finds themselves condemned as a blood thirsty war-monger.

The cleansing fire of Fascism has found its mark in many places of questionable integrity and shook their foundations, at the same time stimulating their voices into lying defences. Advocate peace and the silversmiths accuse you of warmongering, strive to provide jobs for the work-less and they suggest slave camps, work for the extinction of the class barrier and they shout civil war, seek to give the vote a meaning and they bleat dictatorship.

But whenever a truly honest policy has arisen in history it has always been assailed by false cries. However it is always heartening to those who are fighting to remember that right and truth have generally prevailed. Slavery was abolished and child labour stopped (in the West anyway) to a great extent.

Fascism will emerge victorious, and we can only conclude that those who maliciously attack its policy, and can see nothing good in it, have been so long in their own foul atmosphere that they have lost the knack of discerning truth. While they are wickedly yelling and miserably floundering, NBU Blackshirts have started the long march back to a better Britain, is it not time you joined us?

Gary Raikes