Dictatorship and women

When will the women of this country realise the truth about dictatorship? When will they realise that many women are. In a quiet way, the dictators of this or any civilised country? Is it not true that they are mistress of a home, and so in turn, dictators.

For what is dictatorship but real leadership, or simply gentle guidance? The mothers of the world wield that dictatorship in the running of their homes and in the rearing of their children. The women of past centuries must have used leadership and guidance of the very best; otherwise the people of the country could not have withstood the storms and hardships with such great patience and grand endurance.

There would be no good citizens in this country of ours if the children of this and past generations had been allowed to run wild (as liberals prefer them to). It is only the home life, the gentle teaching and guiding given in the home, which turns out men and women who work for the welfare of their country. The ordinary working life of the great mass of people may seem to the adventurous very hum-drum, but it is the inherited decencies of those same lives which make our country.

Therefore the women of Britain must learn not merely the extent of their own power but how to use it. So long as there are party politics this power cannot be used, but in the unity offered by NBU women become the greatest force in the country. That this force is needed is very plain, when we think of how financial democracy has betrayed women's interests. Has sham democracy offered any real release to the great mass of British womanhood? Has it not added to an already overwhelming burden?

Women's life in this country cannot be made easier by half a dozen women in Parliament of opposite parties, who put their parties' interest before the need of their constituents. Only when women have direct representation through the corporation system, and when a woman fights for them, with all the women of the country behind her can their lot be alleviated. The women's representative in a Fascist Britain will be to attend to problems of housing, food prices, health, the law-courts (in all cases involving children) and all things to improve life for the mass of British womanhood. The first step is for women to get involved in NBU Operation Citadel and get your voice heard!

Dawn Bryant
NBU Membership Office