Operation Citadel update five

I spent some time with our guys in Citadel 1 over the weekend to see how things are progressing. The groups enthusiasm in spreading the message is to be recommended. Along with leafleting and putting up posters they have printed off copies of the NBU info pack and left in libraries, health centres, cafés, bus station, railway station and just about anywhere where people can pick it up to read.

They are also planning how to get the local press to take an interest in the movement the results of this will be seen over the next few weeks.

They have members attached to two local campaigns, one saving a school the other to stop a by-pass being built, another member will be contesting a seat on the community council while a second member has got onto a school parent council.

This has been an excellent start to this operation, building on support that we already have in many occupations throughout the city will enable us to have some influence on the decision making process. If we can do this in a couple of months imagine the position we could be in within a couple of years!

The silent revolution building strongholds for our people is under-way.