Citadel - Revolution

The whole objective of New British Union movement is revolutionary. In other words to achieve success we must achieve a revolutionary change in the minds of the people themselves. There is a great deal of superficial talk about a vague thing called “The revolutionary spirit”. Some of it comes from those who contribute to its ends by talk alone. What they do not realise is that the achievement of revolution can only be successful when based upon the solid achievement of sheer hard work brought about by the revolutionary in their community.

The first qualification of the member who takes part in 'Operation Citadel' is the knowledge of discipline and the ability to submit to it. The voluntary discipline of the movement is a finer conception and one more difficult to achieve than any other. To become the steel to which the weak turn in times of difficulty means, perhaps, years of self training. It means the understanding of the ideas of British Fascism , and a passionate belief in the power of one man to lead our country.

I would urge our members, and those patriots yet to join, to set about this task with the same spirit that they take part in rallies, demonstrations and marches. They must create the necessary background and preparation for revolution. The revolution will be won in our communities, at grass root level in our Citadels!

On the work of members in this patient community propaganda is laid the underlying soundness of organisation, the necessary basis for all revolutionary action. In the great advance our feet must be firmly planted not on the shifting sands of flux and hysteria, but on the firm rock of British Fascist discipline. This discipline now rests in the new advance of our movement upon the individual and as such becomes an even finer thing.

To find out more about NBU 'Operation Citadel' please contact and join the movement, it's free!

Gary Raikes