Elgin Cit 1 Update

Well things are progressing  at a steady rate and we decided to have  a meeting in lieu of the shocking murder of the British people in Tunisia.  Discussed how we all noticed this has been played down by the press and also the disgusting comment of “a minute of bullshit” referring the minutes silence  by Russell Brand the traitor,  a vile and perverse being.  How that man can ever show his face in public or be accepted by the public should be a national discussion.  However owning to the people who control the media and also Mr Brand the silence is deafening.  

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By the way, good bye BBC you are sliding into oblivion, you will not be missed. We encourage all our members not to buy a TV licence, it is not required, we call for civil disobedience and we expect success!   

The discussion got on to politicians and the fact that “left” has a monopoly on their successful grooming of the fruitless no hopers in this climate of wholesale national deceit.  This is evident at all levels, there is even a local Labour creepling  of no candour that is hell bent on assisting the reject human flotsam of the area, the worthless mouths that are useless and a drain on society… however there is method in his madness.  He cares not for their plight nor welfare but for their vote, yes vote for me and I will ensure your hopeless carcase is cared and cared for from out of the hard earned tax monies that the normal working person is milked for day in and day out.

Ladies and Gentlemen “politicians are trash” let us form this federation of anti-political Stalwarts  that will expose, belittle and hound these that have had it their way for too long cretins back into the pit of slime from whence they slithered.

Politics are dead, long live the people and WE ARE THE PEOPLE.

As more join us the more our strength grows, like the roots of the British oak we spread, encircling, unseen, unnoticed until  the time is right…then with all our might we will rise crushing and destroying our enemies which are the real haters of the working man with one devastating blow.