Within the year I will be turning twenty-one, thousands like myself, school friends of yesterday, have grown up ready to take our place in society. We smile with the optimism of youth, while the older generation criticise us freely – our bad habits, fashion and unconventional attitude to life, and many other things.

Yes, we smile, but behind our smiling faces lie somewhat bitter hearts, and dogged determination to win through despite the crisis and chaos which the political class have bought about.

The lessons of the past combined with the environment which we have been bought up in has prepared us to sacrifice all in our efforts to turn the tremendous sacrifice of our forefathers, at present futile, to one of triumph. They died “that we might live”. We shall live, live for an idea and not rest till we have achieved, for we are out to build a Greater Britain of which they would be proud.

We who yesterday were the future generation are today the present, and in our hands lies the future of tomorrow. Our hearts are bitter, we are no longer satisfied with emotional outbursts of old liberal Marxists, we demand logic and action.

This is why Fascism is sweeping over Britain, why the youth are daily swelling the Blackshirt ranks in their hundreds. They know that in Fascism is a policy of logic harnessed to action. They know that it is the only policy which can save Britain and the honour of our sacred dead. Therefore they unite and are bound together in a common cause.

We have the necessary determination, the spirit of our county men who died and those who returned, and are out to fight the greatest war ever fought. A war against lethargy and apathy, forced multiculturalism, misrule and chaos, a war in which we shall destroy greed, envy, hate and distrustfulness, and replace them by brotherliness, goodwill and true citizenship.

NBU have lit the “Flame Invisible” and it will never die. From heart to heart it will spread until this land which we love so well is purged of filth and corruption and Britain once again becomes Great.

Thomas Atkins

NBU Youth