Break the chains

It is not generally realised what a grip is exercised upon the people by the sectional interests that control democracy. Only when you attempt to leave this groove created for us by democracy do you realise to what extent society is in its grip.

Socially, economically, and politically the people are bound by carefully fostered orthodoxy and convention. Any effort to break through these restrictions is severly stigmatised. men and women are discouraged from joining in our struggle for freedom from these powerful sectional interests by the fear of being regarded as racist, rebels or revolutionaries who are a danger to the State.

In actual fact our movement can be proved to be a danger only to the powerful financial and vested interests alone by reason of the fact that it is those interests through the propaganda they control who are foremost in the fight against us.

Democracy's chains upon the people are forged by fear. these chains can only be severed by courage. That courage can only be awakened by realisation of the people's strength, that in turn can only come from National Unity, a unity that democracy can never give.

All the political parties large and small support the system by which we are divided and weakened. we alone challenge it root and branch, in a struggle from which we will never relax while life is within us. We challenge division with union and say that British union is the salvation of Britain. We had union during the two world wars a union of our people for the purpose of destruction and battle. The demand of the hour bought that sacred union. Why not British union for the greater purpose of peace, the nobler achievement of the future, a holy union of the British people, which divided can be conquered, but in union are invincible and irresistible?

Set aside the conflict of party, break the tyranny of finance, unite as one great nation for a great purpose, to enter that heritage won for us by the heroism, the sacrifice, toil, sorrow, blood sweat and tears of our forefathers. Use it if we have the manhood to use it! Take it, make it our own, that we may live and the world may follow.

Hail Britannia

Gary Raikes