Back stabbing empire builders

The spat of infighting being conducted in ukip has echoes of the now defunct BNP. back in 2009 the BNP won two MEP seats and had over 50 elected councillors, one million people voted BNP the party raised over two million pounds and had a membership of 14500. The infighting started as soon as their backsides sat down on the gravy train. Team Griffin or team Brons, pointless leadership challenges and fractional war have completely destroyed the party that now has no elected members and a membership under 500. This may of been by design or just self-inflicted either way the same is now happening to UKIP.

This is a result of building movements based on the old democratic parties, movements where everyone has a say, everyone has the right to vote and everyone can challenge the leadership. Where there is a lack of discipline loyalty and honour, a movement full of back stabbing empire builders.

NBU has adopted the leadership principle as laid down by Mosley in 1932, we will not have committees we will not have leadership challenges there will be no factions. The council of ten advise the leader the leader makes the decision, Officers have their orders and are expected to follow them. Voluntary discipline binds us together, a single force with a single purpose one movement under one leader.

Hail Britannia