Your country needs you


I fear the total collapse of the BNP will occur at the coming Euro elections, the BDP (bnp Mk2) will continue to dither, splutter and finally go the same way. UKIP will mop up nationalist support and become the establishment’s official nationalist party. UKIP backsides will then later slip onto the benches of Westminster joining all the other fat useless backsides already residing there.

Other organisations will continue to demonstrate, tiny waves crashing against indifference nothing more. The political class take no notice what so ever of street demonstrations, one million marched in London against the ban on fox hunting, the ban still stands. Millions marched against the bomb, remember CND, we still have the bomb, millions marched against the Iraq war, it still went ahead, and the reason why? Simple, these issues like so many others did not directly affect the political class.

People are fighting the symptoms not the cause; there is no real coordination between, all the micro groups, no real leadership or structure, no real plan or direction no real end game.

To change things in this country we have to change the system of governance, to do that we have to win power, to do that we have to win elections, and to do that we need the support of the people. The vast majority of people agree that Britain is in a mess and no longer trust politicians to do anything about it, we need to provide a movement they can trust, a movement of discipline, dedication and direction organised and ready to lead. A Blackshirt Division in every town, a Blackshirt Battalion for every County, a Blackshirt army ready to fight and win.

Let him or her who can lead, your Country needs you!

Gary Raikes