Why we see democracy as a sham.

In 2005 the total membership of all political parties represented 1.3% of the electorate. Even in the heyday of party activism after World War 2 it did not rise above 4%.

Political party members with influence over political policy are just self interest cliques within cliques, with no driver for reflecting general public opinion over their own particular warped sense of morality, for example homosexual marriage or mass immigration.

Individuals from political parties are nominated by the said minuscule cliques to stand as prospective candidates for election. Without the formality of references into the background or predilections of such people, or any check by the general population, such candidates can, and often are, voted into office by a minority of the public, on a self-certified declaration of membership of a political party.

This helps explain why we have so many corrupt parasites in parliament as once elected such people are free to do what they please for up to five years. Is it any wonder that we are in recession, and our ideas for a health service and education system free at point of delivery are choked and dying in the weeds of apathy for lack of interest from politicians?

The truth is that we live in a sham democracy, we are governed by a bunch of self-interested limited-issue minorities, elected not for their intellect but because they are political party members who are allowed to determine our lives from cradle to grave.

New British Union must keep building support and membership to represent the silent majority. The majority of British people tired with the old politician's game of musical chairs can find in us a real alternative, a movement of the people for the people by the people. A movement that intends to act and fulfil its promise free from any democratic shackles.

Hail Britannia

Gary Raikes