What does the future hold for us young Britons?


I recently attended a private event held on campus where I had the pleasure of hearing Gary Raikes speaking about and defending British Fascism. Many of us were apprehensive of accepting the invite to this debate, we have heard and seen the reaction from the far left to any person from any organisation that they don’t agree with coming on campus, which, quite frankly makes a mockery of democracy and freedom of speech. However as this was a private affair and not advertised all passed in a civilised manner. After the meeting I spent sometime researching British Fascism with the result of joining NBU and offering my services. I have since taken up the role of NBU Youth Leader with the aim of spreading the truth about fascism to my fellow students across the country, the young men and women of today about to step into the activities of the community are looking anxiously at the drab political and economic panorama that opens before them.

What does the future hold for us young Britons, while millions of the nations workers are unemployed, while we are faced with wage cuts, benefit cuts and declining markets? Is the energy and willingness of young Britain to be stultified and squandered by the 'new world order' politicians we have at the helm?

How long is the nation's life to be impeded by the petty squabbles of the Cameron's, Milliband’s and Clegg’s? What has the governments of these 'elites' done for us? They have saddled the younger generation with dept, unemployment, taxation. Stagnation and failed multiculturism. Are we to stand idly by and be complacently thrust on the scrap heap and treated like second-class citizens?

What alternative can we have to this antiquated system, which is strangling the life of the nation?

We the youth of the country, revolting against the ineffective political and economic system now in being, can only look two ways. We must embrace either liberal communist socialism or British Fascism as a possible way out of the impasse.

We young people hold the future of the country in our hands and we must decide how best our energies may be directed to secure the well being of the nation and the people.

Are we to work for a liberal communist state, with its crazy economics, its nation-splitting class war, its political correctness, its hatred and insane persecution of patriotism, nationalism and religion, and its system, which denies the full expression of individuality?

NO, we can only tread the path to Fascism. Its reality and ideas make Fascism the only 21st century policy capable of dealing with present day problems. British Fascism comes as a liberator breaking the chains that bind us to class and party jealousy. It comes to unite the people into a national mass working for the regeneration of the state and to lead our people back to sanity, prosperity, peace and security.

In a few years, we, the youth of today, will have the full responsibility of the country on our shoulders. We must prepare now to become fit trustees of the heritage of our forefathers.

We must harness the discontent of youth to the cause of fascism and march now against the enemy, and struggle to bring about the corporate Fascist State in which every individual and every national asset will be used for the common good of our people. We must build up that character which is an essential in Fascism and through British Fascism make our country the pattern of the world!


If you are aged between 16 and 21 and would like to get involved please email me for further details.

Thomas Atkins

NBU Youth Leader