I hope the following remarks reach and convince the ordinary, moderate, decent patriotic people. There are millions of them in the country with feelings and instincts as strong, good and even better than those of us who have already joined NBU.

When I first heard of the new-Blackshirts I dismissed them as being a ‘fringe party’ not worth taking seriously. Then over their first year I read from time to time in the media the most derogatory reports and patted myself on the back as having had good judgement. As time has gone on however I have become more and more convinced that this movement and its leader must have more power of truth and conviction behind them than I had suspected, and I determined to look into things more closely.

Across my mind floated misgivings galore. Questions of tradition and policy cropped up, personal loyalties were threatened and an aversion to taking a drastic line of action. But I did not like the political elite, I hated the liberalism they stood for, I loathed the Con-Dem coalition like the plague, and I nearly vomited every time the labour party opened its mouth to spew out more lies, I was, in fact, full of hates against things I saw around me but had no idea how to go about rectifying them.

We have had a flood of leftist thought through the years. Nothing mattered, religion was rubbish, morals were ridiculous, fidelity to your wife/husband and love of your parents was crass stupidity, drunkenness and dishonesty were vastly preferable to patriotism and service. In fact everything we held dear was held up to ridicule.

Today I look around and see the appalling conditions of many in this country, the obvious abnormalities of one of the richest countries in the world possessing some of the worst living conditions, depressed areas, disappearing industry, beggars and homeless on the streets, food banks, the little man squeezed out of business, the countryside ruined by the square mile with jerry building by land speculators, the rich getting richer and the poor poorer.

Any sane person would see at a glance that all these things could be put right with ease provided one thing, that there be the will to put them right. The only reason for their not being put right must be that some people have an interest in keeping things wrong! Those are the people who are our enemies and those are the ones whose greed and lust for power must and will be broken.

Thinking on these lines, I was appalled at the hopelessness of the situation. I saw around me plenty of excellent people but I had to admit that not one of them could do anything to help, even if they wanted to. How many people, burning with a desire to do something for their country, could do so? Where would they start? Should they try to stand for Parliament? Futile. Should they agitate at Hyde Park Corner? Useless. Should they go on anti-Islam marches? Stupid.

I asked myself “What then can I do?” The only answer was that I must join a movement which incorporates all my ideas as nearly as possible. I can do nothing openly for I am afraid of losing my job, isn’t that a sad position to be in? You want to do the decent, patriotic thing and you dare not! You can only work in secrete.

So with misgivings I contacted the local NBU Officer. I was made welcome. I found him a sane person with almost identical views as myself and too, I found that members of the Division were all similar people, patriotic, decent fine people. Here, then, was something positive to do. Action was their motto and that was what I wanted, I joined NBU and I am glad I did.

If all right-thinking people join us and when the time comes give us their votes, then we shall by strictly constitutional means, effect such a change that the State will be organised for the good of all, where everyone will have work, payment and position according to their worth, where God, Queen and people will come first and the word of a Britisher again be his bond and our country go from strength to strength, once again a free and happy communion of people. Then, and not before, it might truly be said that we had at long last made our land a country fit for heroes to live in.

For you too, there is work in plenty. Will you take it on?