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Usury – the act of making unethical or immoral monetary loans.  This ancient and reviled practice that has been despised from the beginning of time is rife among us today.

We have corrupt bankers exploiting working people lending money to people who have no means of ever paying it back . These are the top level conmen who have duped the nation, their greed and perseverance to make money without actually doing anything that adds value to society is a vile and evil practice.

On the lower end of the scale we have Quick Quid, Wonga, Kwik Cash, Pounds to Pockets, Payday UK, Cash Lady (which also state they lend to men too!), Zebit, Cash Cow Now……..the list goes on.

Let us make no doubt about it these cretins are dealing in misery preying on the most unfortunate people in our society as long as the loan is secured….think about it.

If we want something we require to work for it, there is no quick fix, you will never get anything for nothing without someone somewhere taking the hit for it.

Do not become a victim of these LOAN SHARKS, all members should do everything in their power to bring down these parasitic vermin at every opportunity.

Their Kingdom will fall.

Hail Victory.


John Ryan