Unite under fascism


There is some confusion over what NBU means by 'unity' and working with other patriotic groups. Lets be clear, unity under Fascism means one people, one movement, one leader. However this is based on military lines, the Army has many different Regiments, Battalions and Corps all working together with one aim. Each of these has its own command structure with 'leaders' at every level. Every Regiment keeps its individual identity, each has its own proud history, each can act independently if required but when war comes along stands side by side as one to defeat the common enemy.


Nationalism has for all intents and purposes been adopted by the establishment in the form of UKIP with the result that the ballot box has been shored up and the political elites position held. A vote for UKIP is a vote for the establishment, Marxist liberalism and the status quo.

Political parties are the problem not the solution, we must concentrate all efforts on building the movement, educating the general public and combating the media lies is paramount. To become a mass movement we have to appeal to the mass of British people and to do that we have to employ every arm of the movement, every patriotic 'regiment' will play its part in awaking our people, the time for elections will come later when we have Blackshirt Divisions in every village, town and city across Britain.

NBU has since its formation welcomed members from all parties and groups, we have proscribed none, unlike all other parties. Also unlike all other parties NBU membership is free. Our only interest is in building a movement of the people for the people, many groups united in one cause and all united under Fascism!