It is hard to understand how some people manage to keep body and soul together in this so called age of austerity. It's well worth remembering that under this present rotten system it might be my turn one day, or yours!

We are all liable to find ourselves treated as criminals without the right to live and work. That is one thing Fascism would put right as we have a comprehensive 'all in' policy, 'No idle rich No idle poor', none shall be denied their birthright, the right to work.

Under the Fascist State the whole people are considered, because 'party' interest and 'secret powers' will be washed up and turned to good use for everyone. Privilege to none but opportunity for all. Fascism becomes a creed, a belief. The whole core lies in the principle of service, the real and essential idea to save this country from its own destruction. Too long have men oppressed men, the system under which we live and struggle is merely man-made and built upon a foul economic principle, that of maximum result for minimal expense, which has, in turn, given birth to its fouler off-spring, class hatred.

That is the Blackshirts aim comrade, to do your bit in the cause of Fascism, and help remove all this injustice to build the corporate state, a body of men and women acting together as one, and that explains why Fascism must succeed. Unity is strength. But strength alone is not enough. We must have authority to direct, order to execute the plan, and discipline to see that the job gets done.

Today only the organised ranks of NBU Blackshirts have these attributes, and only true patriots have the courage to wear the Black shirt.

Gary Raikes