The ‘reds’ have a long history of using’ violence to silence’ stretching back to the start of the 1900’s the same tactics used against nationalists today have not changed, for example the press reported in 1922, “Mr Churchill who addressed an audience of 5000 persons at the Drill hall Dundee last night met with so much interruption and disorder from the Labour element that the meeting was eventually abandoned”.

Later the more violent side was exposed by Patrick Donner MP who wrote in 1934 after an Oswald Mosley meeting had been attacked, “Fact is that many of the communists were armed with razors, stockings filled with broken glass, knuckle-dusters and iron bars.”

One does not have to look too hard to find numerous reports of violent attacks by the ‘reds’ leading right up to today and the despicable hammer attack on a nationalist just a few years ago. Indeed volumes could be written on this subject to expose the lies of the left and one day they will be.

The government, red or blue along with the media have also a long history, one of ignoring the truth over such incidents. In 1962 after 14 years of holding orderly meetings in Trafalgar Square at the very moment nationalists began to gain success since the war red violence began again. George Wigg MP who witnessed the event, “The trouble was caused by about 300 out of several thousands, mostly young people determined to break the meeting up.”

Evidence is conclusive that trouble in the past as today is caused by a small minority. The result of this 1962 incident was that the government banned all meetings by the Union Movement taking place in the Square, thus the recipe for closing down free speech in Britain was established. Take along a few well organised reds to make a row in the middle of a large and orderly meeting, the government will then close down not the reds but the speaker. The Government has in effect removed free speech by closing meeting at the behest of any small but highly organised bunch of red thugs.

Sir Oswald Mosley wrote in 1968;

“It is also possible to kill freedom by smothering it by the power of money with the connivance of the state. There is not much freedom left to the individual with a new opinion when the press, radio, TV (and soon maybe even the internet) are denied to him, using the police not to keep order at outdoor meetings but to ban the meeting and to stop the proceedings the moment organised opposition threatens disorder, the triumph of democracy in Britain has disposed of what Mussolini called the rotting corpse of liberty”.

Forty-four years later nothing has changed, this is why we have to do things differently, a new approach is required and that is what NBU is all about, doing things differently, more professionally, more honestly and more effectively. However I am not about to tell you how, its time to stop standing on the sidelines join us and see for yourself and be part of the future not the past.