The military aspect of British Fascism is the common ground on which the establishment parties unite in their attacks upon us. Constitutionalists and Socialists alike are both loud in their condemnation of a system constituting, as it does, the embodiment of discipline and self-sacrifice, characteristics lacking in their own political philosophies, and therefore, to them dangerous.

The charge of aggression can never be laid at the door of British Fascism. Communism came first with its threats of violence and bloodshed to those who would resist, and Fascism simply arose as the expression of disgusted defiance by the ‘intelligentsia’ against the impudent animalism of the mob.

The military aspect of Fascism is one that should appeal to every Briton. It should be their privilege and duty to prepare themselves to defend from contamination of the mob the honour of their kith and kin, and only those who respect and defend family and home are entitled to the love and friendship of life’s dearest possession.

Protection of our homes, our liberty, our country, flag and loved ones is justly considered a jealously guarded honour among the Fascists, there is no place in our ranks for the coward, neurotic or pacifist. It is through discipline with determination and direction that we will succeed. This is why training is so important, to prepare Blackshirts for the task ahead, to prepare them for leadership and to stand at the head of our people on the march back to a better Britain.

Hail Britannia

Gary Raikes