The history of mankind is a history of Patriotism, the course of history
has been carved out of the solid rock of circumstance by the instinct of Patriotism, which has been the motive force of progress. It is a thing of the spirit which moves men to do great things. It is not too much to say that the nation which loses its patriotism loses its vitality, and rapidly becomes a decadent prey to other nations having a virile nationalism.

Patriotism is the creed of Fascists, that creed is love of country. It does
not consider self, it is an emotion impelling men and women to serve their
country, and by 'their country' is meant the great traditions of those who have
given their lives for their country and those who are alive today who love their
country, in other words 'the country' is not certain geological strata in a given
geographical position, but it is the spirit of those who love their countrymen as
themselves. Those who do not love their country do not truly belong to the country, they are traitors.

The love of country has its roots in the natural instinct of the family and
home, an instinct which is common to the whole of created order and an instinct which the animal kingdom never betrays, whatever man may do. It is a natural instinct. No man is more to be pitted than he who has no place he can call 'home' no ties he can call 'family' and no country of which he can claim to be a national.

Even as the love which binds the family and the home together is as natural
to man as the air he breathes, so is the love of country, which we call patriotism.

The man who denies his nationality and claims to be a citizen of the world
is an unnatural being. He is out of harmony with the natural order of things, and being out of harmony he and his like are the creators of disorder, attempting to undermine the naturalness of their fellow men by pretending that
'patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel' and that it should be displaced by
something described as 'multiculturism' they are a brotherhood of anti-patriots with their hand against every country which can be safely described as the 'natural refuge of scoundrels'.

There are many patriots in this country, but they don't think they are
needed; there is no national emergency, yet. There are however a thousand
indications that the country is in as much danger of being lost today as ever she has been in her long history. This forms the necessity of Fascist patriotism, the continued greatness of Britain, and it is the function of those patriots who are alive to the danger to awaken those other patriots who are slumbering, to meet the difficult times that are here and are yet to be faced.

The task of awakening the country to her danger is a task 'fit for heroes'
and NBU is in being to embrace and coordinate the activities of the countries
patriots to that task.


Gary Raikes