NBU have seen fit to adopt the Black Shirt as the symbol of comradely service in the common cause of national regeneration. It is typical of the establishments useful idiots that the allegation should be propagated that 'fascists' constitute a 'private army'. Might as well accuse all priests, boy scouts and nurses of 'constituting a private army'. The word 'army' surely implies the carrying of arms or training in arms, both which we don't do, and has no relation to the wearing of uniform.

We put on the Black Shirt and submit to that voluntary discipline which alone can bring salvation, prepared to take a small part in building a land where lethargic myths of committee government and freedom to slack and starve are replaced by the stern and practicable realities of Fascism, manliness, courage, thought and discipline are weapons with which security, peace and comfort can be obtained. Times are changing and we have to be prepared for that change, we have to build unity, and that will take discipline and order, the old order is beginning to crumble as Britain begins to awake! Have you the courage to wear the Black Shirt?

Gary Raikes